Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Houston jury orders $13.8M verdict in Texas debt scam

Click here to see ABC's local TV station's web story

This is an example of what a state attorney general's enforcement of consumer laws looks like.  In this case, it was the Texas Attorney General going after the people behind a debt relief "scam".  Be very careful about ads you hear on the radio or tv for "debt negotiation", "debt relief" etc.  Some of these ads even claim to be associated with the federal government.

Part of what I do as an attorney is suing these deceptive debt relief companies for consumers who have paid them money and got little or nothing in return.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

"Am I Going to Have to Kill You?" - Abusive debt collection.

Alternet article on abusive debt collection 4-17-2011

This seems like an extreme example, but this kind of abuse in debt collection goes on a lot. It needs to be stopped. I'm happy that I can occasionally get compensation for some victims of collection abuse, but realistically, collectors make too much money to stop, even if they have to pay a victim here and there.

The FTC and state attorneys general need to shut down the worst offenders, and in appropriate cases, prosecute some of these people and send them to prison.

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